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Arickaree School District R-2


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Section D: Fiscal Management

DAB: Financial Administration

DB: Annual Budget

DBC: Budget Planning, Preparation, and Schedules

DBD: Determination of Budget Priorities

DBD: Determination of Budget Priorities Part 2

DBG-E: Deadlines In Budgeting Process Set By Statute

DBG: Budget Adoption

DBGA: Budget Referendra

DBJ: Budget Transfer

DC: Taxing And Borrowing

DEA: Founds From Local Tax Sourses

DEAA; Revenues

DFA-DFAA: Revenues from Investments / Use of Surplus Funds

DFD-E: Addendum to Employment Contract

DFD-R: Rentals and Service Charges (Teacherages)

DFD: Rentals and Service Charges (Teacherages) Part 2

DFEA: Free Admission

DG: Depository of Funds

DGA-DGAB: Authorized Signatures /Check Writing Services (And Check-Signing Machines)

DH: Bonded Employees and Officers

DI: Fiscal Accounting

DID: Inventories

DIE: Annual Audit

DJ (DJA): Purchasing/Purchasing Authority

DJB: Petty Cash Accounts

DJC: Bidding Requirements

DJD: Local Purchasing

DJE: Bidding Procedures

DJF: Purchasing Procedures

DJGA: Sales Calls and Demonstrations

DK: Payment Procedures

DLA: Payday Schedules

DLB: Salary Deductions

DLC: Expense Reimbusement

DN: School Property Disposal Procedure